CRMdesk integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Forms Builder, and Help Desk workflow apps into a system that lets you track sales inquiries and quotes, customer projects, and support issues. Small businesses use CRMdesk to manage their internal processes because it allows them to assign tasks and track what is being done. It also helps coordinate business workflow with the customer's team.

CRMdesk is easy as filling in a form or sending an email.

Read the documentation in the following order: User Guide, Use Cases, Manager Guide (Level 1), Manager Guide (Level 2),and CRM Guide

Demo Accounts:

There are three demo user logins: "user", "support", "sales" with the passwords "user888", "support888", and "sales888" respectively.

Level 1 Manager login: "manager", password "manager888"

Level 2 Manager login: "manager2", password "manager888"


Sales Quote

  • Follow up
  • Suppliers, partners, customer and staff communication tracking
  • Approval workflow


  • Milestones & Workflow
  • Assignment & Priority
  • Communication


  • Assignment & Priority
  • Tracking & Resolution
  • Communication
  • Incidents report and history